Facilitate Contents

Page in the URL -> IMG TAG Conversion
External content is written on the page all images thumbnail URL into the img tag. Yahoo! for example here
Yahoo News List
Yahoo! News topics, screen without scrolling, you want to display in 1 a page for those who are lazy. Yahoo on every 10 minutes! by visiting the news and get a list of topics.
Country code, country name list
This is a list of specified by ISO3166-1, the two-letter country code (top level domain) and your country. Is updated weekly with current information.
Japan domestic IP address list
This is a list of IP addresses that are assigned to the Japan domestic. Will update at a monthly pace. It is used to limit access from abroad.
83net.jp Server information
This is a list of user agents with access to the 83net.jp Server (user-agent). (As well as unauthorized access to server information forthcoming)
5channel (Old 2Channel) Image Preview
The thumbnail of the URL of the image written on 5Channel (Old 2Channel) is displayed. Effective for checking grotesque images before opening images.

Facilitate Tools

Base64 conversion
Create an inline image for text data are effective in speeding up Web page from GIF, JPEG, and PNG images. Paste as HTML tags within the
"data:mime-type; base64, * * * * * *", such as the output in the format.
Search for Remote hosts
Displays the remote host name from IP address belongs to country code to country name, DNS reverse lookup.

83net.jp Server

Dell notebook (CPU:Core i5 / Memory:4GB / HDD:250GB) operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
OS uses free as the server uses CentOS (CUI). CGI-related works in PHP, anti-spam processing, such as almost all the scripts are homemade.
au Hikari connected at home (1 Gbps), free DDNS service. Will not be scanned, but seems out of hundreds of Mbps transfer rate.

Operating conditions with MRTG

CPU utilization

Green:1 minute average/Blue:5 minutes average
Amount of free memory/

Green:physical memory/Blue:SWAP
Amount of communication


Sites linking in

83 Rental BBS
Rental boards free to work as a picture Bulletin Board with no ads! Also enabled smart phone or mobiles, focuses on the spam posts.
83 Rental Counter
Free with no ads! Links from (Referer) and rental counters to record access logs, such as the remote host. Because the counter image is often a simple design matches to any site.
83 Uploader
In the retention period expires 30 MB can be uploaded! There is a download limit by password and delete keys can be set as a file exchange, etc.